Habitat protection is important both to secure local livelihoods and preserve biodiversity. Chester Zoo is helping to secure forest habitat in the Fernan-Vaz.

Since 2019, a paved highway will connect for the very first time the town of Omboué to Port-Gentil, Gabon’s oil-driven economic capital. This will facilitate transportation and perhaps catalyze the expansion of a local bushmeat trade.

In late 2015, a logging company also began operating in the area and it is not yet clear how this will impact the local habitat or local community livelihoods.

Because this area is contiguous with the northern border of Loango National Park (LNP)- an important buffer zone for wild gorilla and chimpanzee populations- the PGFV is working with Chester Zoo, in collaboration with local communities and wildlife authorities, to monitor the impact of these activities on local biodiversity.

Protecting local livelihoods

Protecting biodiversity is not just important for wildlife. Many rural communities in Gabon depend on intact forest for their daily livelihoods. Protecting biodiversity therefore promotes community resilience.

You can help us protect vital gorilla habitat.