Vacant position: National project manager


Located in southwestern Gabon, central Africa, the Projet Gorille Fernan-Vaz (PGFV) is a
PASA-accredited Gabonese non-governmental western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)
rescue center for gorilla victims of the ongoing bushmeat trade in Gabon. The project’s mandate
is to provide a secure future for gorillas rescued from the bushmeat trade and its mission is to
help protect great apes and their habitat.
The project consists of a forested enclosure (termed the sanctuary) where adult gorillas are
provided lifetime care since they cannot be reintroduced back into their natural environment.
The project consists also of a rehabilitation center where younger orphaned gorillas are
managed separately in order to maintain their reintroduction potential.


1- Support the field team to operate at its optimum by ensuring that it is properly staffed,
equipped, supplied, and trained, and that all teams are operating at their highest achievable
level of productivity, efficiency, and success;

2- Manage the overall program annual budget including monthly and annual budget reports;
ensuring that best financial practices are adhered to by all staff;

3- Ensure the implementation and update of the PGFV operational procedures to ensure that
they continue to align with the PGFV and PASA operations manual. In doing so, identify gaps
and procedures for filling those gaps.

4- Ensure that the veterinary care is delivered in collaboration with relevant collaborators and
partners (as needed);

5- Organize the coordination of other fieldwork projects (release site feasibility studies);

6- Prepare and distribute a quarterly report that summarizes all on-ground activities of the

7- Represent the PGFV at regionally focused management and/or scientific meetings

8- Help identify and build relationships with existing and new collaborators, and help obtain
grant funding to further the goals of PGFV.


  1. At least 28 years-old;
  2. At least 6 months of hands-on experience with great-apes (gorilla experience preferred);
  3. At least 12 months of experience managing local staff in a developing country;
  4. Experience in project management (including accounting)
  5. French-speaking a must (fluency in English an asset);
  6. Bachelor’s degree (a minimum requirement);
  7. Proven communication and leadership skills;
  8. Ability and willingness to live in isolation in a remote area.

  9. Salary/funding
  • -monthly stipend: based on qualifications and experience
  • -health insurance
  • -cost of visa
  • -one yearly return-airfare
  • -food, basic accommodation and transportation (in-country)

  • Terms of appointment
  • One-year contract with an initial 3-month probation period. Renewal with a possibility to grow into the executive director position

  • Start date
    February/March 2024

  • Contact information
  • By e-mail, please send a cv, letter of motivation with contact details for three references to Nicholas Bachand (email: