Because the type of care provided for orphaned gorillas destined for reintroduction differs from that of gorillas living within forested enclosures, the PGFV sites extend to several locations.

The Fernan-Vaz lagoon

The Fernan-Vaz lagoon was discovered in the 15th century by Portuguese explorers (Fernan-Vaz was named after one of these explorers). The lagoon is located in the south-west region of Gabon, south of Port-Gentil, north of Loango National park and bordering the Atlantic coast. In 2018, we formalized a partnership with three local communities: Asséwé, Kongo and Mission St-Anne.

Evengue-Ezango Island

The Evengue-Ezango Visitor Centre used to be an ecotourism lodge. Today, this unique centre offers accomodations for our volunteers, our collaborators and any visitor who wishes to visit the gorilla sanctuary.

Gorilla Sanctuary

The gorilla sanctuary is home to four adult gorillas who were victims of the bushmeat trade. It is also located on Evengue-Ezango Island and is a 20-minute walk from the Visitor Centre.

Mpando (Mainland)

Mpando was previously (before 2009) a hunting camp. The PGFV acquired this location upon translocating younger orphaned gorillas onto Oriquet Island, just 300 meters across Mpando. This is where our gorilla rehabilitation team resides for 24-hour surveillance of the Island.

Oriquet Island

Referred to locally as Djendjegoue Island (Panther Island), this is where a group of 9 gorillas are undergoing forest rehabilitation away from direct human contact.