Collaborations with local communities and international partners are key to achieving sustainable conservation actions that protect biodiversity important for people and gorillas.

Our One Conservation Framework


  1. Strategic Goal: Effective conservation actions
  2. Local communities
  3. Projet Gorille Fernan-Vaz
  4. Government
  5. International conservation NGO’s
  6. International animal welfare NGO’s
  7. International zoo community
  8. International accreditation NGO’s

Framework vision

Only by addressing the human dimensions of conservation can we achieve the sustainable protection of biodiversity. This means that the PGFV has to actively work with local communities, engage with the government, as well as collaborate with both the international zoo and NGO communities. This approach allows for the ongoing implementation of programs that promote local capacity, protect forest habitat, as well as favor community development. 

Be a part of it!

Whether it is by helping us to empower local women, providing food produced locally for the gorillas from local communities (hence supporting the local economy), or even by supporting local employment…you can help make a difference by supporting one of our campaigns

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