Project Background

The Projet Gorille Fernan-Vaz (PGFV) began with the vision that conservation can sustainably be funded through responsible low-impact tourism. In 2001, gorillas were transferred to the project on the island of Evengué-Ezango in the Fernan-Vaz lagoon. The Rehabilitation Centre was initiated in 2006. Read more about the background of the Projet Gorille Fernan-Vaz.

Our Mission

Our mission is help conserve African great-apes. We work to curb the bushmeat and great-ape pet trades through a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach. Read more about our mission and objectives.

Our People

Our staff consists of our Co-Director, Field Manager, and Assistant Field Manager, along with our gorilla keepers. We also have five volunteer board members. Learn about our leadership and staff.

Where We Work

PGFV is based in the Fernan-Vaz lagoon in Gabon, in West Central Africa. Our sanctuary is located on the island of Evengue-Ezango, and our rehabilitation center is on the island of Oriquet. Find out more about where we work here.