Visit the Sanctuary

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The PGFV collaborates with a local ecotourism partner to facilitate the transportation of visitors from the nearby town of Omboué to Evengue-Ezango Island, where the Gorilla Sanctuary is located. Reservations for the Gorilla visits can be made by contacting the PGFV at least 24 hours in advance. Once at Evengue-Ezango Island, PGFV staff will provide a conservation lecture prior to each visit.

Contact info : 07 72 54 26 or 07 73 86 92

Please note, all gorillas at the Gorilla Sanctuary have been rescued by local or national wildlife authorities from the bushmeat trade. These are not gorillas living in the wild.

Getting to the Sanctuary

Traveling from Libreville to the Fernan-Vaz:

From Libreville to Port-Gentil

By air* (30 minutes, approx. 80,000 Fcfa one-way)
By boat (4-6 hours, approx. 28,000 Fcfa one-way)

*For updated information of national airline companies, visit the Libreville airport website.

From Port-Gentil to Omboué (3-5 hours)

By boat (Cost: 25,000 Fcfa)
Contact info :

From Omboué to the PGFV (20-25 minutes)
By boat or van
Contact info :

Gorilla Visit Fees and Regulations

All tours are accompanied by one of PGFV’s gorilla keepers who knows the gorillas. Visit fees must be paid prior to each visit directly to the PGFV tour guide. Fees are as follows as of December 2017:

Adults 10,000 Fcfa
Children 5,000 Fcfa
All native nationals Free

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We also have masks for children available for purchase for 1,000 Fcfa.

Visit regulations will be explained to all visitors prior to each visit. Because gorillas require routine and peace during feeding times, the PGFV reserves the right to postpone a visit. Visits may not be possible at times when a gorilla is sick or stressed. A typical visit will last about 90 minutes (including the conservation lecture) but can be shortened when gorillas show signs of stress.