Field volunteer

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Field Volunteer

Position Description:

1. Help with the daily husbandry and care of all the gorillas.
2. Help with the management of the local staff;


  1. Basic French required (fluency in English an asset);
  2. At least 25 years-old;
  3. Some experience with orphaned great-ape rehabilitation (gorilla experience preferred);
  4. Some experience managing local staff in a developing country (experience in Africa an asset);
  5. Proven communication, team-work and leadership skills;
  6. Comfortable living in a remote location in basic living conditions

Support provided:
1. One return-airfare;
2. Food, basic accommodation and transportation (in-country);

Term of Appointment:
Applications are always welcome

Application Deadline:
Based on need

If you are interested, please contact us and indicate that you are interested in the Field Manager position.