Our Work

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Gorilla Sanctuary

The Sanctuary opened in 2001 when a family of gorillas was transferred from the Centre International de Recherches Médicales de Franceville (CIRMF) onto the island of Evengué-Ezango in the Fernan-Vaz lagoon, Gabon. The Sanctuary is a safe refuge for these gorillas who cannot be returned back into the wild. Read more about the Projet Gorille Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Sanctuary and the gorillas who live there.
Gorillas Forest 3

Gorilla Rehabilitation

The PGFV Rehabilitation Centre was initiated in late 2006 and consists of a quarantine facility at the PGFV’s base camp (Mpando) and of Oriquet island where the gorillas roam freely as a stable group. The ideal goal of this program is to return this group of gorillas back into the wild.Read more about our gorilla rehabilitation and reintroduction program and the gorillas in the program.

Gorilla monitoring

As part of our health monitoring program, gorilla keepers are trained to take daily observations (every fifteen minutes throughout the day) for each individual gorilla. These observations, along with complementary tools, help us monitor the health and well-being of the gorillas in both the Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre. Learn about gorilla monitoring.

Community Education

An essential part of our mission is to promote the importance of protecting and conserving wild great ape populations through local community outreach programs. We’ve conducted several education campaigns in primary schools locally since 2008 and have reached out to an estimated 500 children. We have conducted pre- and post-education student surveys to help assess whether our campaigns are successful. Find out more about our community education programs.