Conservation News

UNODC presents its report on wildlife crime

Feb 24 2015

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) presented the report on wildlife crime in Gabon to the Gabonese Government and cooperative organizations, last February 17 and 18.

The UNODC report is alarming: poachers kill several elephants to feed the global tusk market. This proves that wildlife crime is real and Gabon is suffering from it. According to the report, there is some flaws in the national legislative corpus which doesn’t suit the international convention on the fight against wildlife and forest crimes.

As a solution, the report suggests the reinforcement of the Gabonese law on wildlife crime, …read more

Gabonese Gorilla Orphans Set Free on an Island

Text by Sarah Monaghan, images by SCD B.V.

SIX YOUNG GORILLAS, rescued from the illegal bush meat trade, have begun new independent lives on a lagoon island just outside Loango National Park in Gabon.

Staff at the Société de Conservation et Développement (SCD) are celebrating after announcing the successful transfer of the six juvenile western lowland gorillas (a species deemed critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List (IUCN)) onto the safe island in the Fernan-Vaz Lagoon.

This is the first step in a reintroduction project that is hoped will allow them to return entirely to the wild and …read more

March 2009 Updates

Here is a small update on what is happening on the grounds of the FVGP.

Rehabilitation Centre

All the gorillas in the rehabilitation centre are doing great and evolving well. They are all, including ‘baby’ Wanga, continuing to actively explore the forest throughout the day. We aim to transfer the gorillas to a larger island in April / May 2009, the next step toward reintroduction into the wild.