Bélinga (Bélinga is a major iron ore deposit close to Minkebe National parc, northern Gabon)

Estimated D.O.B.: 20101101
Gender: Female
Origin: Mékambo

In February 2011, this female was confiscated by wildlife authorities in Mékambo (north-east Gabon). She was transferred to the Centre International de Recherches Médicales de Franceville (south-east Gabon) for initial quarantine before coming to our project in June 2011 where she was integrated into a group of 6 other orphaned gorillas (early 2012).
Ivindo and Éliwa, the two eldest females, fought to carry Belinga. Since then, Bélinga
follows Éliwa who spends most of her time foraging and shows little interest in humans.