Our Mission

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To help conserve African great-apes and their habitat.

Our Goal

To apply a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach toward curbing the bushmeat and great-ape pet trades that are both, along with the unsustainable exploitation of tropical forests and the occurrence of emerging diseases, threatening the survival of Gabon’s wild great-ape populations through:

  1. The rescue and care of legally confiscated orphaned western lowland gorillas
  2. Environmental awareness campaigns and educational tourist visits
  3. Sustainable development efforts and community outreach
  4. Conservation-oriented research
  5. Advocacy and law enforcement

Our Objectives

  • Provide high standards of care for orphaned gorillas who have been victims of the bushmeat trade
  • Rehabilitate, and potentially reintroduce, a group of orphaned gorillas in reference to international reintroduction standards and guidelines
  • Promote capacity-building opportunities for local staff with respect to gorilla husbandry and great ape conservation
  • Develop and maintain a database on various parameters observed in orphaned gorillas kept in semi-captive natural settings
  • Conduct responsible tourism visits within our Sanctuary
  • Develop and conduct local awareness campaigns
  • Collaborate with local and national wildlife authorities on the application of laws that protect great-apes
  • Maintain and develop national and global networks with various conservation organisations