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In November 2006, an emaciated and debilitated Gimenu arrived at the Projet Gorille Fernan-Vaz from the local Port-Gentil zoo. He lived at least 3 years of solitude in his cage as a victim of the illegal pet trade. Although it took some time to readapt to forest life once transferred to the PGFV, he has proven to be both wise and witty. Although he is now well acquainted with his 7 other gorilla buddies, his previous years of capvitiy seem to have negatively impacted his normal behavior compared to the other gorillas who are progressing will into the program. Gimenu is good-natured, patient and a peacekeeper…thus a good ally for the dominant male in the group

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We conduct environmental education campaigns to show how local communities can be a part of forest conservation and great-ape protection initiatives. This is also a great opportunity for us to get to know local communities and better understand their realities. More about Community Education

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We provide low-impact tourism opportunities for people from around the world to learn about great apes. More about Tourism & Outreach
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